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CEOs, Government officials, International Organizations

Coaching Sessions for Global Leaders

Modern Leaders are most often on their own when it comes to making strategic decisions and bearing the burden of related consequences. While they can open up on certain subjects to surrounding top-management lieutenants or trusted pairs, there are a number of topics that are irrelevant to such discussions. Besides, some issues that can be key to success or failures of a mandate can be in blind spots.


Some of the questions below are typical starting points of the Coaching journey:


  • What is my true style of governance?

  • How to deal with my Board and meet their expectations?

  • How can I grow my resilience under stressful circumstances?

  • How ethical a leader am I really?

  • How can I prepare myself to the challenges of a VUCA world?

  • How can I conduct a major transformation in my organization, with maximum efficiency but minimum damages?

We deal with those matters during coaching sessions, in the framework of a confidential, openminded and challenging dialogue. The truth is the journey takes a Leader way beyond as the richness and density of the sessions have a great impact on his or her Governance style. The Organization, the Company, the Country is the ultimate beneficiary of this transformation.

"I've been working with Leaders for a few decades and the pressure on their shoulders has kept going upper and upper. Never has the need for a confidential, trustful, open dialogue been more accurate. 

This is where the Coach, as being an outsider to the system, is in a position to shed lights on its functioning while remaining free from all conflits of interests.

As much as I am used to working with world class leaders, I have developed an expertise in understanding the specificity of their juggling with an incredibly high number of stakes and stakeholders. This is where I can partner in a coaching relationships that makes a real difference."

For further information on Coaching sessions for Global Leaders, contact me.


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